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Our step-by-step process



We believe for anything to grow you need fertile ground and a plan for care.

We start with a 1 - 2 day intensive at our Facility in Rochester NY. We spend the time to get to know your business and you get to know who we are, which are keys to a successful relationship.



We know establishing a cadence of meeting together is an essential element to helping guide and overcome roadblocks.


A structured process of meeting and discussing your business is the only way to truly make a difference over time. 

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Scaling is an important element for every owner or executive team. Scaling at the right time in the right way is key for long term success. Our unique access-based approach of scaling and stacking revenue is vital to every organization.


We understand companies want to maximize profits and may want to sell a portion or all of their company. Having a

well-advised plan for considering what makes sense for you

and your team is an essential part of every organization.

We do not take the process of this decision lightly and can

help you with our insights and experience.

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